"Ain't No Stoppin"

The "First" release from the "BOSS Records" label, available on SoundCloud...!!!

"Also" available on "ReverbNation"

So "excited" to have made it #17 on ReverbNations, Clearwater - Hiphop - Music - Charts. Considering that there are so many "Recording Artists" that "Never" get charted at all. 


Of course the "Primary Goal" is to "Write"-"Arrange"-"Produce"&"Perform" all over the "World".

I get that most people are concerned with finding "Someone" - "Raising" a "Family" and making a comfortable living for themselves.

However I'm "Artist" and an "Artist" will "Never" be satisfied if they are not "Creating" Art. 

"Music" provides an opportunity to "Blur" the lines between what is "Perceived" as "Reality" and what "Truly" being alive means to me.  

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