You "Don't" Know ~What You "Don't" Know

If your reading this page and you either "Think" your an "Addict" or have been told "Numerous" times - You "May" be one, Then consider yourself as one of the most "Fortunate" individuals on the face of the "Earth". 

Why...??? It simply means you have the "Ability" to reach "Goals" unsurpassed by those who are or consider themselves to be "Normal". Addicts don't due "Normal" . I can't tell you the amount of times someone has told me in the past - I've never seen anyone who can drink as much as you.  I actually used to take it as a "Compliment" , that is until it was brought to my attention that I was unable to do the things "Normal" people did , unless I had a few "Beers". 

This "was" me... On Vacation in Jamacia

Hey... It happens - 

Mortgage payments, Truck payments, Helping raise a "Teenager" a "Never-Ending" Sea of "Debts" & "Obligations" . Everyone I know says it "I could "Really" use a "Vacation".

But the "Question" is a "Vacation" from what...??? 

Only now has it "Dawned" on me that by making better "Choices" I could live a "Lifestyle" that I wouldn't need a "Vacation " from - 

But of course that meant things would have to "Change" 


Fortunately I haven't drank "Alcohol" in over "3" years now... I don't mind those who do, as that would be "Hypocrisy".

No one could tell me when or where to drink. So I make it a point not to tell others how to "Live" their "Lives" these are just "Suggestions" which may help steer you in a more "Productive" path. 

I still frequent "Clubs" at present "Lion Heart Gym" which agreed to "Sponsor" me for the "NPC" Ocala Classic Cup. Staying "Motivated" is a must & in order to "Achieve the "Goals" I've set for myself, I can't afford to become "Complacent"  

You are the "Architect"  of your "Life" ...

Every "Choice"-"Decision"-"Thought" you've ever made has brought you to "Exactly" where you are now.

"Life" is either as "Hard" or as "Easy" as you "Choose" to make it.

"Honesty" is not the "Best" policy...

It's the only "Policy" - If you can't be "Honest" with yourself ~ Who do you really think your "Kidding" ...??? 

Addicts are some of the "Worlds" best "Sales People". They will do or "Say" anything to get what they want. 

What if that same "Effort" was applied to accomplishing your "Goals"...??? 

I tend not to talk a lot in "Public" I prefer to "Watch" patterns.   

"Especially" in the "Gym" - I'm constantly reviewing "Body Structure"-"Work Ethic"- "Gym Ethics" & "New" tricks I can learn to help stimulate the different "Muscle" groups. 

Be "You" but "Strive"to become the "Best" version of "Yourself"

Even though I "Train" a lot and have developed a "Decent" set of "Muscularity" - I don't have an "A"-Type personality. 

I am not "Loud" or "Aggressive", I very rarely "Talk" when training unless someone "Speaks" to me & I go out of my way to "Avoid" those who are not in "Better" Shape than I am. 

I kinda consider myself a "Muscle Nerd" and I'm fascinated by the way the "Human" body can restructure itself.  


Of course, no one including "Myself" ever really thought I could go this long without "Drinking".  However one of my "Strongest" Character defects is that I am "Extremely" stubborn.

Now that happens to be on of my "Strongest" assets.

What if I "Simply" took the lessons I've learned through the "Recovery" process and applied them to all aspects of my "Life"  

You "Can't" Change - If you don't "Change"

We all develop "Patterns" in "life" - We all have the "Power" to "Change" those patterns. 

However you have to be "Aware" that a "pattern" exists. Then you have to be "Willing" to alter that pattern into something which will benefit you in a "Positive" manner.


It's all the "Same" 

I had to face the "Honest" truth - I wasn't "Happy" or "Satisfied" with the way my "Life" was going. 

Then I had to make the "Choice" to "Change" it .

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